Human Rights, Human Resources

Respect for Human Rights

We undertake measures to respect human rights in accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights (comprising the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenants on Human Rights), the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The Code of Conduct that we adopted states that we will respect human rights and diversity and strive to be an enterprise brimming with the joy of work and growth opportunities and so that we will emphasize consideration for human rights and respect for fundamental human rights.

In consideration of the human rights of the children who will be responsible for the future, we support the Children’s Rights and Business Principles established by international organizations and work to protect and promote the rights of children through our business.

Values that We Emphasize

We believe that human resources are our greatest assets. In accordance with our corporate philosophy of "Take on what our society needs now," we don’t choose human resources, but rather, based on our value of establishing a diverse workforce and assigning the right person to the right position, we achieve diversity by hiring people without sorting them according to gender, age, nationality, or the hours when they can work. Our objective is that as a result of this effort, we will be a company that continues to be selected by human resources. This is our fundamental value concerning human resources and is also a strength for handling a diverse range of products and goods in our business.

Direct Marketing MiX has recognized individual differences and fostered a culture of using diversity to promote diversity and inclusion, and will continue to do so in the future.

Approach to Human Resource Development Policies

We evaluate the abilities of executives and employees objectively in accordance with a fair evaluation system and, while respecting their skills and independence, assist their career formation by, for example, assigning the right people to the right positions.

Furthermore, in addition to group training and on-the-job training for executives and employees to acquire the specialized skills required in each field of business, we provide opportunities for them to be even more active through, for example, correspondence courses for self-study, e-learning, an in-house qualification system to measure the results of these activities, and assistance in the acquisition of qualifications.

Educational System

By rank By objective Common training
Promoted employees Current employees Top management development Women's empowerment
Top management Awareness improvement training Compliance training Future
management development training
Women's empowerment training
Business skills
PDCA cycle
Business etiquette
Goal management
Insider trading
Career design
Corporate philosophy
Executive employees
New manager training Profitability awareness improvement training
Leaders New SV training
New TR training
General employees General employee training
New employee training
Mid-career employee training

Labor Practices and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Promoting the Empowerment of Female Employees

We believe that the ability of executives and employees to make full use of their skills regardless of gender enhances corporate value, and we actively support this.

We are taking measures to enable diverse work styles that give due consideration to the work-life balance including telecommuting, reduced working hours, and flextime tailored to the details of work of each employee with a focus on woman, who are more likely to be subject to limitations on work styles due to variation in lifestyles. In addition, our benefits programs include BaBee Mama, partnerships with company-led childcare centers to support employees who are returning to work by providing an environment where women with children can work with peace of mind by enabling them to leave their children at daycare centers near their workplaces.

In March 2021, we were placed second in the ranking of best companies for women within the Best Workplaces in Japan 2021 by the Great Place to Work® Institute Japan. In the future, we will continue to develop work environments that empower women and make it easy for them to select flexible work styles tailored to the individual life conditions.

Promoting Understanding of LGBTQ Individuals and Creating Supportive Work Environments

We promote understanding of and support for sexual minorities including LGBTQ individuals.

We hire a diverse workforce regardless of gender, age, and nationality and strive to create an environment where all employees can work with mutual respect for one another's values and circumstances. In 2019 we received Bronze certification under the Pride Index, a measure of workplace initiatives concerning sexual minorities including LGBT individuals established by work with Pride.

Main initiatives regarding LGBTQ Individuals
Promoting the understanding of leaders
We provide explanations during annual training to deepen the understanding of leaders regarding sexual orientation, sexual identity, and other topics.
Respect for individual preferences
We provide individualized support in cases where an individual is transitioning gender or wishes to work as their preferred gender.
Company health exams
Company health exams can be performed directly at a clinic to provide employees with peace of mind.
Education on the prohibition of sexual harassment
We display posters on the prevention of sexual harassment and post warnings on the company intranet.
Consultation desk established
We created a direct-dial line and email form for employees to contact a specialized consultation desk and established a system for anonymous consultation.

Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

With the aim of enabling all executives and employees to demonstrate their full capabilities regardless of disability, we strive to enable individuals to perform work according to the disability classification and personal abilities. We will continue to provide support so that all personnel can work comfortably regardless of disability.

Work Styles

When hiring, we do not select human resources. Based on our value of establishing a diverse workforce and assigning the right person to the right position, we achieve diversity by hiring people without sorting them according to gender, age, nationality, or the hours when they can work. As a result, we have become a company that is selected by human resources, and many of our employees are parenting, caring for a family member, or working two jobs, or have a dream that they are pursuing while working in a way that suits them, regardless of whether they are regular or non-regular employees. We have created an environment where employees can maintain a good work-life balance and work sustainably with systems that allow employees to be compensated according to results and to advance their careers according to their individual abilities, even if a full-time employee seeks to work reduced hours.

We believe that functioning as a platform for those who have difficulty working in other companies for various reasons is our social role to be performed through business. Against the backdrop of flexible work schedules such as working three hours a day or one day a week and partnerships with company-led childcare centers is the desire to enable people with diverse social backgrounds, such as single parents, to work regardless of various restrictions. In recognition of these efforts, we have been certified as a Single-Family Support Certified Employer.

Health and Safety

We believe that enabling executives and employees to perform their work in good health and safety and to demonstrate their full potential leads to corporate growth.

We endeavor to build workplace environments in which executives, employees, and cooperating persons can work safely, securely, and comfortably, enjoy good health both physically and mentally, and get lots of job satisfaction.

Furthermore, we arrange an environment that enables them to work flexibly and balance their job with parenting, nursing care, medical treatment, and so on, thereby helping everyone to work enthusiastically and fully display their abilities and achieving both corporate development and individual well-being.

Main In-Company Health and Safety Related Initiatives
Health promotion systems
We established a Health Management Committee to oversee health management promotion.
We work in collaboration with the Health Insurance Association and industrial physicians to undertake various measures to maintain and improve the health of employees and their families.
Maintenance and improvement of the health of women
We conduct seminars on women's health for female employees and male leaders and higher-ranked personnel.
Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
We post columns and posters targeting shift workers.
We have added sugarless beverages to vending machines in the company and display calorie information.
Health-related events
We conduct regular walking events.
We also hold seminars on stretching and conduct stretching at regular morning and afternoon meetings.
Aoharu system encourages in-company club activities
We officially recognize in-company clubs and encourage club activities to support improvement of exercise and lifestyle habits and protect the health of employees.

Human Resource Data

No. of employees FY2020
No. of consolidated employees*1 3,730
Regular employees 763
Percentage of regular employees 20.5
Non-regular employees*2 2,967
Percentage of non-regular employees 79.5
  1. *1Excluding employees seconded from the Group to outside the Group and including employees seconded from outside the Group to the Group.
  2. *2The average number of temporary employees over the year. Temporary employees include part-time and contract employees and exclude dispatched workers.
Female employees FY2020
Percentage of female regular employees 40.3
Percentage of female managers 9.6
Employees with disabilities FY2020
Employees with disabilities 31
Percentage of employees with disabilities 1.9
Education FY2020
Annual training time (hours) 20,168
Average training time per employee (hours) 26
Annual training cost (thousand yen) 90,470
Average training cost per employee (thousand yen) 12

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Dialogues

Our business activities are supported by a variety of stakeholders including shareholders and investors, customers, business partners, creditors, local communities, and employees. The trust from these stakeholders is the foundation that enables the company to perform its mission as a business enterprise and achieve sustainable growth.

Based on this awareness, we fulfill our obligations as a member of society such as ensuring compliance and transparency. Furthermore, we respond to the expectations of stakeholders concerning our business activities to strengthen their trust while contributing to the development of a sustainable society and prosperous future and fulfilling our social responsibility as a company.

Respect for Stakeholder Perspectives

To raise corporate value over the long term, we respect the interests not only of shareholders, but a wide range of stakeholders including employees, customers, business partners, creditors, and local communities.

  • We proactively and dynamically address issues relating to social and environment problems.
  • We promote diversity including the empowerment of women and foster a corporate culture that sees diversity as a strength.
  • To quickly identify and rectify violations of laws and regulations by executives and employees, we established an internal reporting system, set up a consultation desk operated by an outside law firm, and properly operate both.

Formulation of Policies in Disclosures to Stakeholders

In addition to disclosures pursuant to laws and regulations, we properly disclose all information deemed to be material to stakeholders, such as management plans, management strategies, and management issues and strive to disseminate information that will contribute to constructive dialogue with shareholders, investors, and others.

Provision of Employment Opportunities to Young People

We strive to create employment opportunities throughout our business.

In addition to hiring mid-career employees and part-time workers throughout the year, we also recruit recent graduates year-round. We also provide two opportunities for non-regular employees to become regular employees each year. We actively inform employees about registration as a regular employee and job opportunities for recent graduates via the company intranet and on the company's official social media accounts.

Communication with Employees Worldwide

We post our Code of Conduct in Japanese and English in the company intranet and inform employees about it.

The Code of Conduct expressly indicates labor standards in 2. Respect for Individual and Job Satisfaction.

Consultation and Reporting Desks

In the event of an issue relating to human rights including bullying and harassment of executives and employees, we have created consultation and reporting desks for confidential and anonymous consultations and reporting. If an employee makes contact by phone or email, notice is provided to the Personnel Division in the case of the internal consultation desk, and to an attorney in the case of the external desk, and information is shared with the Risk and Compliance Committee. The details of consultations or reports are investigated and information is gathered while protecting anonymity and confidentiality and ensuring that the reporting individual is not subject to retaliation. If the Risk and Compliance Committee determines that disciplinary measures are warranted, a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee is held to determine the measures to be imposed.

Consultation and Reporting System
Consultation and Reporting System

Training and Educational Activities

To raise employee awareness concerning human rights, we respond to incidents of harassment reported to the internal consultation desk by conducting harassment training for managers and executives led by the HR Department where they learn about trends and countermeasures based on specific case studies.

Number and Details of Incidents Reported to Consultation Desks

In FY 2020, there were 102 consultations and reports. The number of incidents reported is high because we intentionally created systems that facilitate reporting by anyone, but none of these incidents resulted in disciplinary measure. In half of the cases, employees were instructed to make improvements, and for the other half, no violation was found. To mitigate risks, guidance on improvement is provided even in cases of minor infractions.

No. of reports
No. of disciplinary measures No. of guidance on improvement
Overall Total no. of reports 102 0 51
Compliance violations 51 0 51
Internal rule violations 51 0 51
Legal violations 0 0 0
No violation 51 - -
1.Harassment Total no. of reports 30 0 20
Compliance violations 20 0 20
Internal rule violations 20 0 20
Legal violations 0 0 0
No violation 10 - -
2.Work attitude Total no. of reports 15 0 12
Compliance violations 12 0 12
Internal rule violations 12 0 12
Legal violations 0 0 0
No violation 3 - -
3.Work Total no. of reports 25 0 3
Compliance violations 3 0 3
Internal rule violations 3 0 3
Legal violations 0 0 0
No violation 22 - -
4.Salary and
commuting expenses
Total no. of reports 4 0 0
Compliance violations 0 0 0
Internal rule violations 0 0 0
Legal violations 0 0 0
No violation 4 - -
5.COVID-19 related Total no. of reports 16 0 12
Compliance violations 12 0 12
Internal rule violations 12 0 12
Legal violations 0 0 0
No violation 4 - -
6.Other Total no. of reports 12 0 4
Compliance violations 4 0 4
Internal rule violations 4 0 4
Legal violations 0 0 0
No violation 8 - -

Internal Communication

We strive to create work environments where employees, our greatest assets, can demonstrate their maximum capabilities, and we are proud of our high employee retention rate. In the future, we will continue to reinforce bidirectional communication and undertake a variety of measures to create work environments where employees can experience job satisfaction.

Kirari system, a project to promote empowerment of female employees
This system, which supports the empowerment of women, was created based on the opinions of female employees. The system supports the empowerment of female employees according to their individual life stages by facilitating inter-company interaction among women throughout the Group. In addition, we make improvements to the internal environment based on the opinions of female employees presented at networking events, thereby further improving the working environment.
Commendation system
We foster a culture of mutual gratitude and celebration on a daily basis. Each department holds a monthly commendation ceremony and we hold an annual general employees meeting and awards ceremony.
Company's official social media
Current employees as well as employees who are on leave can obtain internal information through company's official social media sites for employees only. We support the trouble-free return to work of employees who are currently on leave by providing access to FAQs and other measures.
Aoharu system supports in-company clubs
We officially recognize in-company clubs, provide subsidies, and support their activities with the aim of helping employees build better interpersonal relationships.
Use of human resource management system
The system can be used for employee satisfaction surveys, questions on stress such as work-related concerns, and as a tool for e-learning, contributing to human resource management development.

Communication with Local Communities

Approach to Social Contribution Activities

We recognize that the survival of local communities and society is an important issue for the sustainable development of the company, and we engage in social contribution activities rooted in local communities based on our corporate philosophy of "Take on what our society needs now."

For the Company, which has a mission of maximizing the sales and marketing results of our clients by using direct marketing methods, hiring people from a wide range of backgrounds without sorting by gender, age, nationality, or the hours when they can work, and so on by conducting "recruiting without selection" and continuously striving for the best match of diverse human resources and products is crucial for developing sales human resources who can demonstrate high performance, the foundation of our business.

The activities of diverse human resources engaged in a variety of work styles are directly linked to our positive business results. In addition to sports, which have universal rules not dependent on language, religion, or culture and can be enjoyed by people of diverse backgrounds to deepen mutual understanding, we also support a program that encourages reading at elementary schools in Osaka Prefecture, fundraising and donations that benefit children suffering from pediatric cancer, community contribution activities such as sponsorship of kids' rooms, and social welfare as priority areas of our corporate strategy. We believe that communicating with a diverse range of people in the community through our activities is crucial for recruiting diverse human resources, which is a strength in our business, and will lead to the sustainable development of the company.

Local Contribution through Job Creation

We support the idea that local job creation and local procurement play important roles (ISO26000, etc.). Based on this concept, we strive to contribute to the economy and society through business activities such as local employment and procurement and to achieve sustainable development with local communities.

Social Contribution Expenditures

The Company's expenditures relating to social contribution activities in FY 2020

Expenditures related to social contribution activities
Donation of season tickets
Each year, we donate 10 ORIX Buffaloes seasons tickets to children's homes and other such facilities in Osaka City for the benefit of persons who have few opportunities to go to sporting events or who want to go but are unable to do so.
Support for reading encouragement program
We have been supporting a reading encouragement program since 2019 with the aims of deepening children's knowledge and improving reading comprehension through reading books and fostering richer minds through reading.
The "reading journal," where students can write down their impressions of the books they have read, is designed to encourage more interest in reading by having students place stickers for each book they read.
In 2021, we distributed reading journals to approximately 125,000 elementary school students in Osaka City and approximately 45,000 elementary school students in Sakai City.
Donations to the Children's Cancer Association of Japan
When Osaka Evessa and Cerezo Osaka had games sponsored by the company, we held fundraising events with the Children's Cancer Association of Japan, and all proceeds were donated to the association to support pediatric cancer patients and their families.
The Children's Cancer Association of Japan is an organization centered on patients and their families and works with the support of many people to alleviate the difficulties and concerns faced by pediatric cancer patients and their families.
Donations to the Gold Ribbon Network to support pediatric cancer patients
At the Bs Fan-Festa 2020, which was held in November 2020, we made a donation to the Gold Ribbon Network, which supports children suffering from cancer, according to the number of hero awards won by members of the ORIX Buffaloes, with which we have a sponsorship agreement.
Subsidies for kids' rooms
A kids' area was created at the Okini Arena Maishima, the home court of the Osaka Evessa basketball team, in 2019 so that fans with children can watch games with peace of mind. In 2021, a kids' playroom was created at the Yodoko Sakura Stadium, the home court of the Cerezo Osaka football team.
The kids' area at the Okini Arena Maishima was used by approximately 400 children during the 2019-2020 season and approximately 500 children during the 2020-2021 season.
Lemonade stand opened
In support of the idea of the Lemonade Stand Promotion Association, which seeks to raise awareness of pediatric cancer support in Japan, we conducted the Lemonade Stand 2021 event targeting executives and employees on November 25 and 26, 2021, and a total of 191,156 yen in donations was collected over the two days.
All proceeds were donated to the Lemonade Stand Promotion Association to fund research and development of treatments for pediatric cancer.