Based on our corporate principles, the Direct Marketing MiX (DmMiX) Group will fulfill our responsibility as an enterprise to respect human rights. For this purpose, we hereby stipulate the Direct Marketing MiX Group Human Rights Policy and will constantly strive to practice it in our management and business activities in cooperation with international society.

This policy applies to all executives and employees of the DmMiX Group, suppliers and partners.
* Employees: Include regular employees, temporary and part-time workers.
* Suppliers: Include brokers, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors, etc.
* Partners: Include agents, joint venture, governments, customers, clients, etc.

Responsibility to Respect Human Rights (Zero tolerance)

We will fulfill our responsibility to respect the human rights of all people, including customers and other stakeholders and every individual working in the Group. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination for reason of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnic group, beliefs, creed, religion, social status, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, differences in type of job and employment pattern, etc. Furthermore, we will make thoroughly sure that the same wage is paid for the same job whether performed by a male or female employee, ensure equal opportunities for employees, and treat them fairly in accordance with their abilities, duties, etc.

Human Rights Due Diligence

We will implement human rights due diligence to identify, assess, prevent, and mitigate any negative impact on human rights related to our business activities.

Prohibition of Harassment

We do not tolerate any form of harassment, including sexual or power harassment. Furthermore, we prohibit any act that offends the dignity of others, disrupts workplace discipline and order, or obstructs the execution of work.

Prohibition of forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor

We will not tolerate forced labor or human trafficking in any form. Furthermore, we prohibit the employment of children under the minimum working age stipulated by the country or region concerned.

Appropriate wages

To protect the right to a minimum wage, we comply with local laws and local regulations and related ILO conventions. Furthermore, we pay appropriate wages based on legislation to our workers.

Freedom of association and right of collective bargaining

We comply with labor principles and regulations as defined by the International Labor Organization and other international bodies, as well as the laws and ordinances of each country or region, and respect workers’ freedom of association and right to engage in collective bargaining.

Grievance Mechanisms

In the event of an issue relating to human rights including bullying and harassment of executives and employees, we have consultation and reporting desks for confidential and anonymous consultations and reporting. If a case becomes evident, steps will be taken through appropriate procedures for remediation and mitigation.

Amended on September 11, 2023.