Basic Philosophy for the Protection of Personal Information

Direct Marketing MiX Inc. (“the Company”) uses personal information that is received from customers appropriately for the purpose of enhancing its communications with customers, maintaining the relationship between each client and customer and maximizing customer values via telemarketing.

In developing CRM (customer relationship management) activities, all of the company employees are aware of the significance of protection and management of personal information and abide by laws and regulations, etc. on personal information, and furthermore we establish a privacy policy as provided below to make full efforts for appropriate protection of personal information by building a personal information protection and management system in order to protect information assets that the Company receives from customers and the Company’s information assets against various kinds of risks and threats such as leakage, tampering, loss, destruction, and obstruction of use by taking necessary protective measures and appropriate safety measures.

We are aware of protecting personal information received from customers and others in performing our tasks, and will obtain, use and provide adequate personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and will not use it for any other purpose, and will take measures to this end in order to become a company trusted by societies.

We take preventive and corrective measures against unauthorized access to, leakage of, loss of or damage to personal information that we hold to improve our personal information security system continuously.

We make appropriate and prompt responses to complaints and consultations regarding personal information.

We comply with laws and regulations, guidelines established by the national government and other norms on personal information.

We review our personal information protection and management systems timely and adequately based on the trends of customers’ needs and the latest information technologies to carry out its continuous improvement. This policy is to be posted in the Company to make all the employees aware of it. In addition, we make efforts for awareness building and education of respective employee to raise their awareness of personal information protection.

Privacy Policy

We collect personal information (a person’s address, name, date of birth, e-mail address, sex, telephone number, desired products and other personal information that is required for performing the Company’s business) that is required for business carried out by the Company.

1.Formulation of Personal Information Protection Regulations and their continuous improvement

  1. Formulation of Personal Information Protection Regulations We make all of the executives and employees aware of the significance of personal information protection through education and training, and formulate, implement and maintain “Personal Information Protection Regulations (PIPR)” to use and protect personal information properly. We review the “PIPR” regularly to make efforts for maintenance and continuous improvement.
  2. Continuous improvement of personal information protection activities With a view to continuous improvement of personal information protection activities, we establish a Personal Information Protection (CP) Committee and its organizational system to make efforts for protecting personal information.

2.Priority topic of personal information protection and management

  1. Collection, utilization, provision, and deposit of personal information We collect personal information while clarifying the purpose of collection and utilization, establish a management system that promotes the protection of personal information, and handle it adequately for proper business operation by following the “Personal Information Protection Regulations (PIPR)” in the collection, utilization, provision and deposit of personal information.
    In addition, we record a call content when customers make a call with us for the purpose of making an appropriate response. We may provide such a call content to our business partner within the scope of our purpose.
  2. Respect for rights of information subjects We respect rights of information subjects regarding personal information, and when we are asked to disclose, correct, or delete personal information of the information subject or refuse its use or provision, we make a response to the request to a reasonable extent in accordance with laws and regulations and the “Personal Information Protection Regulations (PIPR).”
  3. Compliance with laws and regulations and norms We comply with requirements for management systems for personal information protection (JIS Q 15001 :2006) and laws and regulations on personal information, and formulate a compliance program for protecting personal information, making it thoroughly applied through employee education and training to make efforts for protection of personal information.
  4. Implementation of safety measures We carry out safety measures while following the “Personal Information Protection Regulations (PIPR)” to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, making efforts to correct and prevent unauthorized access to personal information or its loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc.
  5. Acquisition of the Privacy Policy We make sincere and quick responses to inquiries and requests for disclosure, etc. of the Privacy Policy or personal information from customers.
  6. Implementation of complaint consultations We make sincere and quick responses to complaints, consultations, inquiries and requests for disclosure, etc. regarding the Privacy Policy and the personal information from customers.

*This policy complies with “guidelines established by the national government and other norms,” and handle all of the personal information that is relevant to not only customers but also the Company’s executives and employees in the same way as described above, and this Privacy Policy is disclosed at any time upon external request.