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Working as a Group of Sales and Marketing Professionals
To Support the Sustainable Development of all Stakeholders
With Targets of 30% women on the Board by 2025 and virtually zero CO2 emissions (carbon neutral) from scope 1 and 2 emissionsby 2030

Representative Director and President, CEO Yuki Kobayashi

"Take on what our society needs now." Based on this corporate philosophy, the Company was established in 2007 starting with the outbound-focused contact center business. Even as our business model shifted to sales and marketing support for client companies, our attitude of focusing ambitiously on results has remained unchanged.

Today, the world is facing a variety of issues including abnormal weather in conjunction with climate change, deforestation, depletion of natural resources, and human rights problems. By dynamically addressing all issues relating to sustainability in accordance with the corporate philosophy of "Take on what our society needs now," we will become a company that is needed by society and enhance corporate value.

We established a Sustainability Committee in November 2021 to promptly and effectively implement measures relating to sustainability. The entire company is working together to address significant sustainability issues.

One of the key issues that the Group is addressing is human resources. The Group's central business is sales and marketing support for client companies, and we believe that human resources are our most important asset. To develop a diverse workforce, we recruit employees from a wide range of backgrounds without sorting people by gender, age, nationality, or the hours that they can work. This is both one of our fundamental values concerning human resources and a strength.

In fact, we have diverse people working in the Group including those parenting, caring for a family member, working two jobs, or pursuing a dream. Career advancement is possible according to individual results, and there are numerous instances where non-regular employees have become regular employees.

The Company has used the recruitment and development of a diverse workforce in this manner as a strength, and we will continue to work to achieve further diversity and inclusion so that we can improve our ability to respond to the globalization of society and create innovation, thereby enhancing corporate value even further.

With regard to governance, we see achieving diversity not only among site workers, but also among decision-makers to be an important issue. To increase the diversity of the Board of Directors, the central decision-making body of the Company, we have set a quantitative goal of increasing the percentage of women on the Board to 30% by the end of March 2025.

In the environmental area, climate change is an issue that the entire human race can no longer wait to address. With the understanding that the Company, which has a business model with low environmental impact, is no exception, we aim to achieve virtually zero CO2 emissions (carbon neutral) frome scope 1 and 2 emissions in the Group as a whole through the use of electricity and other measures by 2030, which is the target year of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and adaptation to climate change through the active use of renewable energy, etc.

As the world undergoes change at a bewildering pace, sustainability measures must also similarly change and never end. We will continue to ask, "What does our society need now?" and work to gain the trust of all stakeholders while making our best efforts to contribute to the development of a sustainable society through our business activities.

I request your continued support for the Direct Marketing MiX group.

Yuki Kobayashi
Member of the Board of Directors
President and CEO, Representative Executive Officer
Direct Marketing MiX Inc.