Material Issues

Specification of Materiality

The Direct Marketing MiX (DmMiX) Group (meaning both Group companies as a whole and specific Group companies; “the Company”) carried out an assessment of the social issues surrounding us and our stakeholders from the perspectives of both the impact on our business and the impact on stakeholders. As a result, we specified nine items of materiality and prioritized them in order of importance.

Based on the idea of double materiality, this materiality was approved and signed off by a meeting of the Board of Directors held in June 2022 after the gathering of opinions from the business divisions of the DmMiX Group, discussions in the Sustainability Committee, which includes outside members of the Board of Directors, and discussions with external stakeholders (knowledgeable persons).

Regarding the specified materiality, we have set key performance indicators and are promoting initiatives toward the solution of issues. In addition, in view of business and social changes, we carry out a review of our materiality and its KPI every year.

Materiality Matrix

Awareness of Materiality

Seven Material Issues

Materiality Key Performance Indicators

No. Material Issues Target Items Target Timing and Values Progress as of December 31, 2023
1 ●Customer Satisfaction (Core) NPS assessment average score rate 75% or more -
2 ●Job Creation and HR Development (Core) 1. Continue and review career development programs for in-house personnel
2. Annual training hours
1. One set of career development programs implemented each year
2. Publication of results
1. Achieved
2. Achieved
3 ●Job Satisfaction Positive response rate to employee engagement survey 5% improvement over FY2023 by December 2025 Currently being worked on
4 ◇Information Security 1. Serious personal data loss
2. Implementation rate of information security education
1. 0 cases/year
2. 100%
1. Achieved
2. Achieved
5 ◇Ethics and Compliance 1. Serious violations of laws and regulations
2. Percentage of compliance training conducted
1. 0 cases/year
2. 100%
1. Achieved
2. Achieved
6 ●DX Promotion Reduction in man-hours of work for internal use by utilizing IT Developing new business process through the use of data -
7 ●Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Percentage of women on the Board 30% by the end of March 2030 20.0%
8 ◇Corporate Governance 1. Assessing the effectiveness of the Board of Directors
2. Ratio of independent outside members of the Board of Directors
1. Disclosure of annual summary of evaluation results
2. More than 40%
1. Achieved
2. Achieved
9 ◇Climate Change and Natural Disasters CO2 emissions from electricity use, etc. Virtually zero CO2 emissions (carbon neutral) by 2030 Currently being worked on

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